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I have always loved books ever since I learnt to read. The sort of person who would look at an instruction manual if there were nothing else available. Not that that has happened too often - I have tottering piles of books not to mention e books. I will read almost anything as l long as it holds my interest. Besides books. I love music, photography, cryptic crosswords and playing Fitz 1 & 2 games.
The Silent Companions - Laura  Purcell

Gothic horror, with the usual cast - creepy house which is dilapidated, new mistress who receives a cold welcome from the few remaining staff, unfriendly villagers and the scene is set for weird goings on! It was ok but didn’t leave me scared of my own shadow which is a must for horror books. It might have worked better as a short story or novella, made it more sinister, something like less is more, sort of thing. Loved the cover, for me, the best part of the book.