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I have always loved books ever since I learnt to read. The sort of person who would look at an instruction manual if there were nothing else available. Not that that has happened too often - I have tottering piles of books not to mention e books. I will read almost anything as l long as it holds my interest. Besides books. I love music, photography, cryptic crosswords and playing Fitz 1 & 2 games.
The Confession: A Novel - Jo Spain

Harry and Julie are watching TV one night and a man walks in and attacks Harry with one of his own golf sticks whilst Julie sits frozen in fear. The culprit hands himself in a short while later - why did he do that and why did he choose this particular house? A twisty story to keep readers intrigued the whole way through as we discover why it all culminated in shocking violence. Disgraced banker Harry and wife Julie who has come to enjoy the luxuries in life are not the most likeable people it has to be said, but then again, neither is J P (John-Paul). Story told by Julie, J P and Alice Moody, the detective. Certainly starts off with a bang and I loved it especially as it was a matter of finding out why and not who, did it. Definitely recommend it!