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I have always loved books ever since I learnt to read. The sort of person who would look at an instruction manual if there were nothing else available. Not that that has happened too often - I have tottering piles of books not to mention e books. I will read almost anything as l long as it holds my interest. Besides books. I love music, photography, cryptic crosswords and playing Fitz 1 & 2 games.
Beat the Rain - Nigel Jay Cooper

Louise's boyfriend Tom dies and she marries his twin brother Adam after she received a DVD and Adam a letter 6 months after his death, urging them to get together because they know they want to! Although the author is obviously talented, this debut didn't quite hit the spot for me, despite the emotional trauma. It was hard to feel much for any of the characters as they didn't have many redeeming qualities and felt that they could have done with a good shake. Loved the descriptions of the Brighton area, the cover and the idea of the book but not the jumping around of the timescales. I would read further novels by this author.