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I have always loved books ever since I learnt to read. The sort of person who would look at an instruction manual if there were nothing else available. Not that that has happened too often - I have tottering piles of books not to mention e books. I will read almost anything as l long as it holds my interest. Besides books. I love music, photography, cryptic crosswords and playing Fitz 1 & 2 games.
Sage's Eyes - V.C. Andrews

Sage has weird dreams, hears whispering, knows stuff she shouldn't. She was adopted as a baby by two people who are extremely controlling and are quite odd themselves. At school she meets another strange person, a boy called Summer. He only has eyes for her despite every other girl who wants to be with him. This could have been really good, but nothing much happens and the big showdown is a huge letdown. Sage is too much of a goody goody to be of much interest - sadly this book was disappointing. Lots of people will like it, but it wasn't for me.