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I have always loved books ever since I learnt to read. The sort of person who would look at an instruction manual if there were nothing else available. Not that that has happened too often - I have tottering piles of books not to mention e books. I will read almost anything as l long as it holds my interest. Besides books. I love music, photography, cryptic crosswords and playing Fitz 1 & 2 games.
Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher (2015-06-18) - Giovanna Fletcher;

This is a great piece of escapism as Sarah gets over being dumped by Dan when he meets the love of his life. She starts having peculiar dreams every night featuring Brett, then along comes the real one who is gorgeous. It's a bit overly long for what actually happens which starts to verge on being tedious - a bit like going on a journey with plenty of detours and it takes far too long to reach the destination. The style of writing was great, as was the humour and I'd definitely read other books by this author.